Friday, May 27, 2005

BBQ and 印象

Letzte Woche....geiles Wetter und BBQ am Kanal....und Makoto jumps

Sachiyo, Junko, Maki, Rie, Hanchi

Tyler and Hanchi imittendrin

Tsukasa anda me



Ari - Yaki Soba Master

Junkos Cousin Tomo

My Japanese Brother and doppelgaenger Makoto



Wenn's regnet, dann richtig...und wie war's in Almanya ?

Ein Moench bei der Arbeit

Mein Fruehstueck

Junkos Cousine und ihre Band...punk girls

Und so machen die gruenen Helfer hier Werbung

A Requiem for Ari's Dream!

Speziell an Dich Ari!
Du weisst schon was ich meine!

noch is er zum greifen nah

und weg is er


A man got to do so on...
'Cause my purse was raped badly by T. Night Life your humbled narrator was forced to seee also the 5 o'clock side of japanese life....

5:30 am.....I'm getting up and need some time to identify the person I see in the mirror....

6:00 am I'm calling the agency...."Ima shuppatsu shimasu.....shitsurei shimasu( means: "I was inpolite")....." and wonder why I'm inpolite to call them before leaving?

6:20 am You wouldn't believe but the train is packed and I'm standing pressed against the window: good morning rushu

7:30 am: meeting Matsu-Kun....He will be today's the ride begins....from one house to another from one district to another....bringing furniture and millions of chairs to their waiting owner....

14:30 pm: matsu and me in a scyscraper near to akihabara.
Matsu is 25 and working since he's 18 as a driver. He's a fanatic soccer player and fan, so we spend quite a long time on talking about European soccer and clubs or the japanese and german national team...."kan...kuuurroooseee...kuraniiiii".....But his tip is Brazil or Argentinia for the Cup 2006.
Mtasu also buyed a ticket for the world cup,but we agree that today's soccer is corruptious business and tickets are hardly to get. Matsu has no girlfriend, had one 1 Year before, but he tells me, he has to work to much, from Monday to Saturday....Morning 7:00 am until maybe 19, 20 pm. When I ask him how many days he has holidays he's at first not understanding what I'm talking about but then he tells me something about 10 days....
Matsu's hobby: "nani kana~~~~"(what could it be??????).......GAMBLING....I was laughing loudly....

18:00 pm: Job is over...and I learned one more word: ZANGYO....Overwork..extension....a quite normal and often used word...

19:00 pm I wait to get my money cash....I like it....

Thanks Guys from Tagizaki....Arigatou ne Hochou, Harada and Matsu......DANBORU (Karton/ cardboard) Action

Some part of Tokyo seen from Akihabara

The Truth about japanese toilets (part2)

My dear friends!

It's been a while since I left you a message here...and I'm not sorry!
Because I was researching for you the depth of Tokyo Underground trying to find some facts about quite disgusting and really badly smelling places such as japanese toilets after the rain.

And here we are:
This is the original toilet....

Mostly dirty - Don't stay to long here in summer if it's 40-50 degrees in there and you sweating like a professional athlete

Detail 1: There is only one button...flush

Detail 2: You shouldn't sit here...a female doggy style is appropriate

Monday, April 18, 2005

Red Bar and Karaoke

Some days passed by, in which I tortured my bank account and body....

why? of course it was was weekend (although here the shops never close, and only the the date on your cell phone shows you that it is really a sunday....)

after getting connected to some friends I know from the time living here, we decided to ride through the night on Friday, so we meet at the famous:

HACHIKO, which is just in front of Shibuya Station....
According to a legend, HACHIKO is a small dog who waited for his master to return from work.

Unfortunately his master died at work, so he waited until his death in front of Shibuya Station. That's why everybody is meeting at HACHIKO.

Bands are playing all night on the streets: They nearly built up their whole sset: Amp and so on...

after getting some fine stuff in a Izakaya, a barlike restaurant (halt die Kneipe um die Ecke), we to some clubs...
And I have to tell you my beloved friends Vjaying is in a terrible state over here ;-)....At least at the Oceania Club....

Afterwards we headed to one of the coolest bars (I think so, although it's already out of fashion after a climax of 6 months of undoubted popularity) the Red Bar

(Actually nobody knows the real name), where your beloved friend and narrator had one of his worst crash downs in his life.....but this time everything went smoothly....

Next day we went to karaoke, whicch your narrator likes a lot, for you have your own karaoke cell, where you can scream your guts out....

Full Sabisu: Shinobu orders the drinks with the phone

A really good inlineskater in a park around here

So enjoy your week and read ya next time

ja mata ne

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Die ganze -und nichts als die- Wahrheit über japanische Toiletten (Teil 1)

Der Westen rätselt, wie verdammt nochmal sehen die Klos da drüben aus, und wofür sind die Knöpfe.
Im ersten Teil erfahrt ihr wie die Kontinentaltoiletten hier weiterentwickelt wurden, später dann im zweiten Teil, wie man hier traditionell sch...t....

The West is wondering what Ms. Coppola meant by mentioning the magicbuttons on japanese toilets:
Here's the truth and nothing but the truth...
See next issue all about traditionell ways of

So sieht sie aus: Die Kontinentaltoilette mit Sitzheizung
There she is: The Continentaltoilet with heated seat

Detail nummer 1: Die Toilettenschuhe: Lauft ihr damit zum Spass zurueck zum Esstisch freut sich ausser euch keiner
Detail Nr.1: The Toilet shoes: If walk back to the dinner table nobody will laugh exept you...

nihonjin magic: Die Zauberknöpfe : Magicbuttons

Detail 2: Der rote Knopf ist der STOP-Knopf, der pinke rechts, der Bide-Knopf, und die Mitte der ARSCH (oshiri)-Knopf.
Die Unteren sind für die Feinjustierung.
Detail 2: The red one means STOP, the pink one BIDE, and the blue one: Wash your

Details 3: Was mag das wohl sein: It's your turn!
Detail 3: what's that?: It's your turn!

Auch in Japan gibt's überall Schilder....
Also in Japan there are signs everywhere

ok, ihr seid gewappnet, auf jeden Fall gilt auch hier: Spülen bitte...
ok, you are prepared. but don't forget: splush it

see ya

Hallo erst mal - hello at first

osu Leute!! osu peeeeple!

Weil die Rundmils nerven und nicht jeder sehen will und kann, versuche ich es mal hiermit, und hoffe, daß ich es schaffe wenigstens etwas regelmäßig ein Paar Fotos etc. hierher hochzuladen....und euch nen kleinen Einblick in die große Welt der kleinen Insel (Japan) auf der anderen Seite des Globus zu geben....

Cause the junking your mail account is annoying for you and me I decided to take the chance to create a weblogg for you my dearest friends.
So you can see and read something from the small island (japan) on the other side of the globe.....
I hope I will do this regularly this time....

ok, ich seh escht n bißchen durchgedreht aus/ me

Totally legal drugs...willkomen im Land der Aufputschmittel und Gluecklichmacher

wenn ich aus der Tür gehe/ stepping out of the door

Insight of the Future: Also your small village could look like this at night some hundred years from now